Did we just become best friends?

 I’m into that sort of love that is almost cheesy. That staring into each others eyes amazed that the other person chose you kind. Smiling, laughing, and crying because it is the happiest moment of your life. I’m into those couples who aren’t afraid to be goofy, do silly poses, or whatever it takes to get them the photos they want. I want to create authentic memories and magical moments, and give them to you to look at every day.

The couples who book me as a wedding photographer, hire me not just for my photographic style, but for my personality. Going hand in hand, it assures them in knowing they’re getting exactly what they hope for. Fun, silly, but always going the extra mile to make sure your day is amazing (even if it’s bustling your dress, cutting your cake, or acting as your coordinator!)

If you dig it, and you want me there to sob happy sobs for you, let’s talk!










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