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You NEED to know about your photographer.

Your day is trusted in our hands. So here I am. In a nutshell, but also not really, so read it all because it’ll only make you feel more secure in your decision!

I started in photography young of course, in high school. I had a Canon Rebel and I would make my friends model for me. I would dress them up, go down my street and take photos of everything I could. Looking back on it now, that’s what passion looks like to me. It was something that I absolutely loved and I was always coming up with new ideas for my friends and I to shoot (whether they wanted too or not! I totally wish I could find some of these photos.) After graduating, my first job was at a photo studio (shocker) where I learned about studio photography, lighting, posing, and really using my personality to get the most genuine smiles from kids and adults….I mean really, I make funny noises, crack jokes, I have no shame for a good smile.

In college I decided to pursue a degree in graphic design, thinking that I would have more job opportunities and would have it almost easier in a sense. That was totally silly of me. However, I met an amazing friend of mine who was a wedding/event photographer at the time. She 100% inspired me to start back up with photography. Her passion reminded me of what mine used to be like, and she was more than helpful in giving me all the learning tools I needed that I didn’t have previously. Fast forward to now, I book more than 20 weddings a year, now doing this as my full time job (also with a degree in graphic design HA!)

But here is really why you’re going to be so excited with your choice to book me. From the time I meet my couples, whether it’s at a consultation, engagement shoot, or the day of the wedding, we’re going to feel like we have known each other forever. I’m going to make you feel so comfortable, even if you’re the most awkward taking photos (ME, SAME.) I am going to holler how beautiful you are, call you a goddess while you’re modeling, shriek at your gorgeous decorations and all the hard work you put into this day, and I will 110% cry during your vows and your kiss. I will bustle your dress, make sure your day is running on time, and MAKE sure you’re eating and drinking (WATER as well as your party drinks). By the end of the day it’s likely I’ll be dancing at your ceremony, because lets face it I love to dance and party songs get me every time. But the NUMBER ONE GOAL of mine, is to capture all these special moments, and capture them just right for you. I love that candid, no one is watching kind of love. The shared kisses, hand squeezes, and tears that come with the amazing feeling of this day. And I will make sure to capture it all.

You’re feeling good right now aren’t ya. I got you all worked up and pumped for this special day. And you should be. Because I’m pumped too.


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