Choose your style

So, when I was first starting out as a photographer, and even to this day, I'm constantly battling with what the end result of my photos should look like. Let me explain.

Right now, in the world of photography, it is very trendy to have a moody and dark style photo. When I see this on photos, I love it! I worked and worked for months to emulate this style on photos that I was capturing. And when I finally did, I loved it! But as I developed this dark and moody preset for my images, I started to look at other photographers whose photos were so bright and airy. I began to miss that style in my photos as well.

So now I'm in the middle. I love both styles, and of course each bride/subject of the photos has a different viewpoint on what they like their photos to look like. 

My solution? ASK!

From this point on, as much as possible I work to ask my subjects what they like their images to look like when they are delivered to them! Although I've had many photographers tell me just to "figure out my style" how can I do that when I'll never stop loving both! 


Moody Edit:


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